Ornumflow Irish Wolfhounds 

Puppy Photos

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the puppies we have bred over the years.  Puppies are often ignored in the ring as they don't develop all traits of the breed until they are around 18 months old.  The are often clumsy and awkward.  Special care must be taken with puppies to ensure they achieve their full potential.  Lots of free exercise is essential to build muscles in a natural manner but no forced walks else they may "over-do it" and cause permanent damage.  

They are the future of the breed and should be cherished

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9 weeks fawn male
Farran 12 weeks
How quickly they grow
Kari 9 weeks
9 weeks
Some Promise
Free Play
When I grow up....
5 months female
Catch me if you can
Tess/Burr 12 weeks
Just Born
T 4 months
The Druid
Lochie12 weeks
Hmmmm What did you want?
Cute Puppy at Ornumflow
Puppy Standing
Puppy having a rest
Look at me!
Kloe on the move

Rosy sitting on Grandma Kari
Rosy, still can't pin her ears on properly yet


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